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Availablie Properties

We have a number of specialist disability accommodation vacancies which could be perfect for you.

Our properties are made suit you and ensure that you feel safe, comfortable and independent.


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Ceiling hoists
  • Bathroom rails
  • Accessible bath
  • Parking

Personalisation requirements and customisations

At InSitu, we understand that everyone has different lifestyles and support needs. We will work with you to create a home that suits you.

Our full list of features as follows:


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Ceiling hoists
  • Bathroom rails
  • Accessible bath
  • Parking
  • No outside Steps (No more than 3)
  • No inside Steps (No more than 3)

Bathroom and Restrooms

  • Accessible Bathroom
  • Accessible Bath
  • Accessible Shower
  • Accessible Restroom
  • Accessible Toilet
  • Ambulant Toilet
  • Rails in Bathroom
  • Rails in Restroom
  • Separate Restroom
  • Toilet in Bathroom

Disability Support

  • YES (24/7)


  • Wide Doorways
  • Automatic Doors


  • Accessible Kitchen
  • Height Adjustable Kitchen
  • Dishwasher


  • Close to bus
  • Close to train
  • Close to tram
  • Close to taxi rank
  • Close to ferry
  • Close to hospital
  • Close to medical practice
  • Close to community services
  • Close to shops
  • Close to park


  • Accessible Parking
  • Outdoor Parking
  • Under Cover Parking

Ramps, Lifts and Elevators

  • Ramp(s) Outside
  • Ramp(s) Inside
  • Elevator or Lift Inside
  • Elevator or Lift Outside

Safety and Security

  • Intercom
  • Secure balcony
  • Reinforced walls
  • Reinforced doors
  • Reinforced glass


  • Good lighting
  • Vision-impaired benchtops

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If you have qualified for SDA, or believe you may be eligible to receive SDA within your NDIS plan, please fill in the form below or call us on 02 9409 7277

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