Driven by Our Vision to be The Most Trusted Care Provider and inspired by Our Mission To Empower People, we strive to make a real difference in the community, giving our clients the support and empowerment they need to live their best lives.



All of our SDA housing is located within close proximity to supermarkets, shopping centres, accessible public transport, hospitals and many other services. Our locations are selected to ensure that all residents can enjoy what the area has to offer, while being close to everything they need.

Home Automation
Our apartments and building are fitted with home automation and technological assistance in order to create homes that support tenant independence whilst also being able to alert the onsite support in an emergency. Our apartments are designed to create comfortable independence, while living in a safe and secure environment.

Customisation & Accessibility
Our apartments have been designed with high accessibility throughout, including adjustable kitchen, bathrooms and laundries. Each apartment has the option of personal customisation for all future resident. Some examples of customisations include ( but are not limited to), bathrooms rails, hand rails and ceiling hoists.

Building Accessibility
Our buildings are built to allow all residents to be part of the buildings communities’. Each building has a communal area that is sun filled and accessible for all to relax and enjoy. All apartments (including home automation and technology), entrances and lifts are accessible and backed up by an emergency power source to ensure safety in the case of an emergency.

Integrated housing
Our apartments are designed to ensure all residents feel comfortable and ‘at home’ in their beautifully finished apartment. The exterior of all units have been designed to look no different from neighbouring apartments, providing tenants with unidentifiable SDA housing.

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