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iNSiTU’s SDA housing designs are purpose-built to provide safe and inclusive homes that enable independent living in the heart of our local communities.

iNSiTU Housing

Who are we?

At iNSiTU, our responsibility is to provide accommodation solutions that enable people with disabilities to live with as much independence and community access as possible. We are committed to developing beautiful and innovative spaces that are structured to support residents in developing their capability to lead the life they want. Our site selection process prioritises well-connected locations with top-tier amenities.

In 2014, we commenced work on our first foray into socially responsible housing with the construction of 10 specialist disability units at the Belle Apartments, Belmont. The development was undertaken for the ‘Summer Foundation’, as part of the study for the yet to be SDA component of the NDIS. The project was a huge success and since then we have continued down the road to provide much needed assisted living solutions away from the segregated and institutional housing models of the past.

This success is what inspired us to create iNSiTU, extending our commitment to socially responsible housing. 

What makes us different ?

Our SDA housing designs integrate cutting-edge materials and technology to facilitate independent living. We provide a range of support models tailored to meet individual needs, offering a variety of living options, including SIL homes and community-based supports.

We are constantly innovating to develop new models that amplify our residents autonomy and choice over where and how they live. This adaptive approach ensures that every resident maximises their plan’s potential.

We aim to foster close connections between residents and a network of health professionals, including occupational therapists and support coordinators, enhancing both care and community integration. Our approach to developing SDA is personalised and demand-driven, ensuring that each solution we offer it truly unique.

iNSiTU Housing

Have choice &
control over where & how you live

The iNSiTU team know how important location is, seeking out properties in desirable locations, close to city centres, that are easily accessible for residents to engage within their local community.

iNSiTU also prioritises integrating innovative materials and technologies into each and every development to make living independently as easy as possible.

iNSiTU Housing

Discover the Details
& Features of Our Designs

iNSiTU Housing creates purpose-built SDA housing that prioritises accessibility and functionality for people with disabilities. To create these homes, there are certain features we include in our designs to ensure our homes are comfortable, functional and enrich the lives of residents.

Open Floor Plans

Ensuring residents have the freedom of movement they need in a space, as well as the freedom to create a functional layout that works for their individual needs.

Wider Doors & Entrances

Existing doorways can make entering a space difficult for people with a disability. We ensure wider entrances and doorways on all our designs.

Home Personalisation

We want U to feel at home, so we allow personalisation to elements of our houses, apartments and villas.

Ramps & Accessibility

Entry into a home is a common barrier for people with a disability. Ramps & building accessibility features ensure anyone can easily access the home without concern.

Benches & Appliances

Our primary goal is to guarantee accessibility for all residents. To achieve this, we’ve incorporated adjustable kitchen sinks, providing effortless access.

Assistive Technology

All our homes are build to allow for assistive technology to make sure we meet the residents needs.

SDA Housing

Accessible homes in
desirable locations

Recognising the significant impact of location, iNSiTU carefully selects properties in highly sought-after areas. Being close to city centres is pivotal in enriching our resident’s daily lives. We prioritise accessibility to ensure effortless engagement with the local community.

iNSiTU Housing

Meet our Team

Committed to fostering diverse, inclusive communities and positively impacting our residents lives.

SDA Housing

Help us deliver
over 225 SDA
homes by 2026

Providing 200+ SDA homes by the end of 2026 is a big undertaking that will be made possible by our collaborators and investors who share our goals. Together, we are changing the future of disability housing and are on track to become one of the largest suppliers of SDA housing along the east coast of Australia. Get in touch with our team to find out more about working with iNSiTU Housing.


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