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We collaborate with some of Australia’s largest providers of disability services, to provide housing and change the way people with disabilities live in SDA.


Why collaborate with
iNSiTU Housing?

As SDA housing is designed for people very high physical support needs and/or extreme functional impairment, SDA providers like iNSiTU collaborate with registered support providers to ensure a range of housing options are available across the Eastern Seaboard.

We welcome collaboration with various providers and are committed to meeting their SDA requirements. Whether it’s through our SDA on demand service, tailoring solutions to individual clients, or by sharing our current vacancies, we offer flexible solutions. Our housing portfolio includes a range of options, from stunning homes to apartments and villas, ensuring diverse choice for individuals living with disability.


Benefits of Partnering
with iNSiTU Housing

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in the lives of countless NDIS participants and their families? At our core, we’re dedicated to transforming lives through our custom-built SDA houses, apartments and villas. Through collaborative efforts with our partners, we’re committed to providing exceptional service to our residents, giving them control over where they live and who they live with.

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iNSiTU Housing isn’t your standard Specialist Disability Accommodation Provider. We collaborate with a network of registered support providers to change the way people live in SDA housing. Our accommodation solutions and partnerships enable people with disabilities to live with as much independence and local community access as possible.

So far, we’ve completed several projects with SDA apartments and homes, including 26 homes across 2 sites and a 4 bedroom house. We currently have 12 sites under construction which are due to deliver homes for 67 residents. But we’re not stopping there – with the help of our partners we are on track to deliver 200+ SDA properties by the end of 2026.

We are changing lives with beautiful and innovative spaces that are structured to support residents lead the life they want


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