New opportunities
to invest in SDA

An SDA provider committed to building 225 new homes along the east coast of Australia by the end of 2026. SDA housing investment will play a crucial role in making this dream a reality.


New Opportunities
with SDA Property Investment

At iNSiTU Housing, our mission is to revolutionise SDA housing, making it more than just a place to live – it’s a space where individuals thrive. We achieve this vision with the invaluable support of our investors. Together, we’re creating vibrant communities that redefine what it means to live in SDA housing

Our investors provide growth and expansion opportunities for iNSiTU, enabling us to offer more long term housing opportunities to those in need. In a landscape where secure and stable housing is increasingly scarce, your investment enables us to bridge this gap, offering individuals and families the stability and security of a long-term home.

There are many benefits for property investors adding specialised housing to their portfolio, including:

Make a positive social impact impact with great tax incentives.

Secure investment with long-term growth potential.

Invest in diversified portfolios with high-yielding assets.

Investment managed responsibly by the team at Integer.

Are you a potential investor?

We currently have the opportunity for sophisticated and wholesale investors to co-invest with Thirdi into iNSiTU Housing through our investment partner Integer, a Sydney-based provider of managed property investment funds. Together, we can create 225+ SDA properties along the East Coast of Australia.


SDA properties by the end of 2026.


annual increase over the last three years.


Invest with Confidence

Our investors provide growth and expansion opportunities for iNSiTU Housing, enabling us to deliver more housing for people with high physical support needs. As SDA demand is growing, there is a shortfall of purpose-built homes.

Our investors provide growth and expansion opportunities by simply providing more housing opportunities for those who need it, whilst receiving strong returns supported by a portfolio of dwellings.

If you’re currently exploring investment opportunities, investing with iNSiTU Housing might be exactly what you’re after.

An SDA dwelling is specifically designed for people living with a range of disabilities.

There is growing demand for SDA housing as more participants join the scheme.

Over half a million people with a disability are currently being supported by the NDIS.

Approximately another half a million people will receive NDIS funding over the next 5 years.

SDA housing properties are an investment with real world impact.

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