Dairy Farmers Towers to include 10 specialised disability apartments

LIVING independently has opened up “a new world” for Rebekah Baldez since she moved into specialist disability accommodation in Wickham

Ms Baldez lives in one of 24 specialised units in the Eaton on Union and Stella on Wickham apartments created in 2019 by property developer Thirdi in partnership with disability service provider, Aruma, and iNSiTU Housing to offer homes for people living with disability in Newcastle.

The units have a 100 per cent occupancy rate.

Following the success of Wickham, Aruma, iNSiTU Housing, and Thirdi plan to roll out a similar model in the Dairy Farmers Towers in Newcastle West with 10 specialist disability units planned for the project which is due for completion in 2025.

It will also be introduced in other regions including North Gosford and Taree in 2023.

The units offer features such as wide door frames, motorised height adjustable benches, provisions for ceilings hosts and grab rails, and are assistive technology ready.

Residents have access to multiple common spaces, including rooftop gardens.

“Before coming to live in my current apartment, I often couldn’t get in and out of the house easily,” Ms Baldez said.

“Now that I can both access my own home and live independently, a new world has opened up and it means I’m able to do so much more.

“I’ve even been able to secure employment.”

With Australia expected to experience a shortage of over 100,000 homes by 2027, iNSiTU Housing chief housing officer Rosie Trantham said the need for specialist homes had never been more important.

“We’re incredibly proud to have recently announced that Stella and Eaton are now at a 100 per cent occupancy rate,” Ms Trantham said.

“With more in the pipeline in Newcastle at Dairy Farmers Towers and other cities along the NSW East Coast, we look forward to bringing more apartments to life, and communities that are structured to support residents in developing their capability to live as independently as possible.”

The apartments available via iNSiTU Housing feature Aruma’s new co-living shared support model which offers residents with a disability to have access to on-call support from Aruma staff.

Caitlyn Morrissey is also a resident of the development at Wickham.

Ms Morrissey spent three years searching for accommodation to suit her needs before securing an apartment in the city.

She said features such as electric doors and being able to use her own supports ensured she could live independently.

“It’s a better option than the group home accommodation because it allows me to live my life as independently as possible,” she said. 

According to the NDIS’ specialist disability accommodation (SDA) 2021/22 quarter four report, there are more than 19,000 NDIS participants with SDA supports, however, there are only 7,000 SDA homes. 

While the number of homes continues to rise each quarter, so does the expected number of NDIS participants.

“In Newcastle and its surrounds, we have seen a growing need for specialised housing and by partnering with others, Aruma can be part of the solution,” Aruma CEO Dr Martin Laverty said.

“,We are thrilled to provide NDIS participants with even more choice and control in their supports so they can thrive in the community.”

Newcastle named possible home to accessible housing

Newcastle has been earmarked as a location for more accessible housing, after the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) released a new pricing guide expected to encourage greater investment in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in key regional areas.
The changes, introduced on 1 July, were made in an attempt to adequately reflect economic inflationary pressures adversely impacting the market.

Growing demand for specialised disability accommodation in urban areas reflect a need for greater access to central amenities that make independent living as easy as possible for those with high supportneeds.

INSITU chief housing officer Rosie Trantham says the newpricing guide should open doors to affordable homes for those in greater need.

“In parallel, we have seen an escalation in land values, building costs and interest rates all impacting where SDA housing has been built, leaving a void in the market for fit-for-purpose NDIS housing” she said.

“This latest NDIS pricing framework will reshape D A on-demand housing, encouraging the development of more innovative and individually tailored disability accommodation in urban locations along the eastern seaboard, and opening up more opportunities for NDIS participants looking for purpose-built homes of all configurations.”

Ms Trantham said iNSiTU was committed to utilising the opportunities presented by the new pricing structure to expand its portfolio of SDA properties.

“We remain dedicated to delivering high-quality, specialist disability accommodation solutions that foster inclusivity and empower individuals to thrive,” she said.

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Specialist disability accommodation units offer NDIS participants city living and independence in Wickham

Apartments in Wickham designed for NDIS participants are offering residents a sense of independence many have not had before.

The 24 specialist disability accommodation (SDA) units within the Eaton no Union and Stella no Hannell complexes are among the first of their kind in the inner-city. 

Zach Lloyd, 21, moved into the Eaton building in July. He said living in an apartment tailored to his needs had made life much easier. “The apartment and the complex are totally wheelchair friendly,” he said.

“There are lifts and automatic doors, so it is easy to go to the common areas and community garden. The shower is amazing and little things like having a mirror at my height make a difference. The moving up- and-down kitchen bench is my favourite feature.” 

Third Group included the apartments, which are managed by its SDA arm Insitu Housing, in the two developments as part of a push to deliver 150 SDA units along the east coast by 2025. Almost 100 have been completed or are under constriction.

Specialist disability accommodation is for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants with extreme functional impairment and high support needs.

To access the housing, they must have SDA approved in their NDIS plans.

Insitu Housing executive Rosie Trantham said Third Group was aiming to provide SDA close to city centres or transport and amenities.

“We want to change the future of housing for people with a disability and be one of the largest suppliers of SDA housing,” she said.

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Meet Luke Mahaffey – Design Manager & Brady Ainsworth – Project Designer

Luke is the design manager for iNSiTU Housing, he is responsible for the preparation of the plans and the designs. Brady is the project manager and works alongside Luke in the design of accessible SDA approved houses. Luke and Brady work with key stakeholders and take into consideration a number of factors to ensure the best outcomes.

Meet Hus Huseyin – Director & Founder Halliam Homes

Hus is the builder contracted for iNSiTU Housing’s project in North Gosford. Hus talks about the process of the build and the key elements that must be implemented for it to be SDA approved. He highlights the importance of getting the build right so the occupants can have the highest possible standard of living.

Meet Florian Caillon – Acquisitions Manager

Florian manages the acquisitions for iNSiTU Housing, with his role being to find highly accessible sites for men and women living with disabilities. He highlights the key metrics involved in acquiring a site that is suitable for SDA approved housing, and what this means for the future of iNSiTU Housing.

Meet Ashleigh Button – Director of iNSiTU Housing

Ashleigh Button is the Director of iNSiTU Housing, a subsidiary company of Third.i Group. Ash talks about the foundations of iNSiTU Housing that make it the great success that is. She highlights the importance of accessibility from the planning to execution phases and how this will aid iNSiTU’s growth across the east coast of Australia in the coming years.

Creating your dream home. Changing the future of disability housing.

Who we are

We believe in creating communities for everyone to participate in. iNSiTU Housing isn’t just your standard Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA) provider. We are changing the way people live in SDA Housing, giving our residents choice and control on where, and whom they want to live with.

How we can help U

At iNSiTU, we understand that everyone has different lifestyle and support needs. Our innovative approach means we work with you to create a home that suits U and your needs in places that are well connected and have access to everything U would ever need.

Our current availability

We have a range of housing options available across the East Coast, including appartments in Newcastle and SIL homes in Gosford.

We accept people on a range of different funding options, so getting touch to find out how we can help U find your dream home.

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Property developer partnership with SDA provider to deliver more homes for people with disabilities

Third.I and iNSiTU Housing have teamed up to deliver accessible homes and amenities for NDIS participants along Australia’s east coast.

The partnership expansion between the two entities will see an increase in accessible housing created by Third.I. All of the developer’s projects in Newcastle feature SDA apartment offerings, and hopes to bring U-Homes to Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Tweed Heads.

iNSiTU have been assisting NDIS participants with accessible housing since 2014. Caitlyn Morrissey, an NDIS participant who is wheelchair bound, came across the company after struggling to secure an accessible residence.

“Before iNSiTU I was living and renting with my family on our farm in rural New South Wales so I couldn’t access care facilities and lifestyle amenities. I wasn’t able to live my life properly,” she says.

“From when I approached Insitu to where I am now, I couldn’t fault the amazing team at iNSiTU for all their hard work. The process for SDA funding can be a time consuming process and the Insitu team has made the process absolutely worth it. They kept me up to date, were calm and ensuring and helped ease my transition from rural living to urban care.

“I’ve been in Newcastle in my apartment now for around eight months and I couldn’t be happier. The level of offering for an accessible home is just outstanding and a testament to Third.i. I now live right near the train station so I am finally able to access everything I need easily. I have more access to a greater lifestyle and access to more activities.”

Third.I’s Eaton on Union, where Morrissey resides, comprises 10 purpose-built SDA apartments that are NDIS compliant. Ashleigh Button, iNSiTU’s General Manager, says the company has been built on a desire to ensure people with disabilities are provided with the tools needed to live free of stresses caused by inaccessible housing.

“At iNSiTU Housing, we believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to enable people with disabilities the right to equality within our communities and that includes the availability of suitable accommodation,” she says.

“We help thousands of people access the perfect homes for their needs and it’s incredible seeing cases like Ms Morrissey’s and the way we’ve been able to play a part in changing her life, it’s in incredible feeling and I couldn’t be happier to work with Third.i to deliver change in our communities.”

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Third.i and iNSiTU team up for SDA Housing 

PROPERTY developer Third.i is partnering with specialist disability accommodation provider iNSiTU Housing to deliver greater access to accessible homes for NDIS participants.

The partnership will see more Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) residences for NDIS participants across the east coast of Australia, with a focus on delivering innovative housing solutions for homes with tailed facilities.

The new project will include 10 purpose built SDA apartments that are NDIS compliant, with management by a subdivision of Third.i, Thirdicare.

“At iNSiTU Housing, we believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to enable people with disabilities the right to equality within our communities and that includes the availability of suitable accommodation,” said Ashleigh Button, general manager at iNSiTU Housing.

Since its inception in 2021, the partnership between iNSiTU Housing and Third.i have seen more than 150 accessible properties delivered.

This includes apartments at one of Third.i’s debut cornerstone Newcastle projects, Eaton on Union.

Located in the centre of Third.i’s emerging precinct in Newcastle, Eaton on Union comprises two residential towers offering a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments, with open-plan designs, spacious outdoor areas and access to an exclusive rooftop residents-only garden.

“We help thousands of people access the perfect homes for their needs and it’s incredible seeing cases like Ms Morrissey’s and the way we’ve been able to play a part in changing her life, it’s in incredible feeling and I couldn’t be happier to work with Third.i to deliver change in our communities,” added Button.

Third.i is looking to expand its partnership with iNSiTU Housing, creating one of the country’s largest networks of SDA housing across the eastern seaboard, including SDA apartments offerings across all of Third.i’s Newcastle offerings.

Third.i recently reported  nearly $90 million in sales across the Newcastle region in a three month period, as the developer launched its freshly approved Dairy Farmers Towers, in the West End and its retirement living offering, The Merewether Residences.

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